If you prefer to use the SD card, rather than connecting a laptop:

1) Write down the main objective and the M80 zoom dial setting you are using (make sure it is on click and not continuous). Use the same setting for all images, or keep meticulous notes on which image with which setting

2) use the camera icon on the remote to capture images to SD card

3) transfer your images to your computer. Clear the SD card after use (MAC may dislike deleting them for some reason, so you may need to get someone with a PC to clear it)

4) Pick the appropriate microns per pixel conversion to use for either WormSizer or manual measurements.

5) Using the camera connected to a PC with Leica LAS software gives you a lot more options (e.g. naming your files, inserting scale bars ) than using the SD card.

Main Objective Image Quality M80 Dial Microns Per Pixel
1.25x 640x480p 0.75 21.8805553566696
1.00 16.3841598510742
1.25 13.1115235684013
1.6 10.2400999069214
2.0 8.19207992553711
2.5 6.55576178420063
3.2 5.12004995346069
4.0 4.09603996276855
5.0 3.27683197021484
6.0 2.73069330851237
1.25x 2048x1536p 0.75 6.83782039544521
1.00 5.12015991210937
1.25 4.09743911020276
1.6 3.20009994506836
2.0 2.56007995605469
2.5 2.04871955510138
3.2 1.60004997253418
4.0 1.28003997802734
5.0 1.02403198242187
6.0 0.853359985351562


1) unplug the camera and plug it back in.

2) make sure you are using the HD RC remote (not the RC2 remote) and point it at the camera sensor (not the screen).

3) use the "i" button to check that the camera is in HD mode, and the "image size".

4) if you used a different image resolution or different main objective than in the table, let zuzana know, and she'll get you the conversions. But really, why would you use the other resolutions?