Non-restriction Enzymes, Polymerases, DNA ladders, etc.

Quick Ligase Oct-15 NEB
T4 DNA Ligase Oct-15 NEB Dec-15 NEB Apr-17 NEB
CIP Jun-13 NEB Aug-13 NEB Jan-16 NEB
rSAP Jun-15 NEB
Taq DNA Polymerase Dec-16 NEB
Vent DNA Polymerase Feb-04 NEB
Klenow Dec-13 NEB
Platinum Pfx Sep-10 Invitrogen
Platinum Taq HIFI Nov-10 Invitrogen May-16 Invitrogen Oct-16 Invitrogen
KlenTaq LA NA
Lambda DNAHindIII


Aug-06 NEB
pUC19 control Aug-17 NEB
1 Kb Plus Ladder NA Invitrogen NA Invitrogen
Zymolyase May-03
Exonuclease III Aug-03 NEB
beta-Agarase I Oct-14 NEB
Turbo DNAse NA Ambion

Thanks to James for putting this list together.

Current as of October 16, 2015