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This is a wiki to share our lab protocols for what we do with C. elegans worms. We use these worms to study aging (somatic and reproductive) and zinc (and other metal) homeostasis.

These are our lab-specific protocols. General ones can be found on wormbook


General Worm ProtocolsEdit

General Molecular Biology ProtocolsEdit

Measuring Worms Edit

Software Edit

  • Microscope image quantification: FIJI (FIJI is just ImageJ) is essential.
  • Editing photos: GIMP and IrfanView (or purchase Photoshop)
  • Making posters and figures: InkScape (or purchase Illustrator)
  • Sequence and Plasmid files: ApE (or purchase Sequencher, available on our shared MAC)
  • Statistics: R (or purchase GraphPad Prism)
  • Citations Manager: Mendeley (or purchase EndNote or Papers3)

Statistics Edit

Scientific Writing Edit

Reproductive Aging Methods Edit

Zinc Homeostasis MethodsEdit

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